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Software Licences

All licences are provided on an annual subscription basis and include support plus all future software upgrades.

Licences can be purchased on a per seat, concurrent or server basis.

Per seat or sometimes called named or fixed: is specific for a single machine and can be accessed by a single user at any time

Concurrent or floating licence: the software can be used by anyone on the network but usage is limited to the number of licences purchased at any one time.

Run as a service: in this mode the software can be run as an unattended service automatically processing the PDF files. Note that consideration needs to be given to how any detected errors are to be handled.

Understanding Templates

The investment required to deploy a PDFDataNet solution will be dependent on the number of templates required.

For example if you want to process purchase orders from 60 different customers you will require a licence for 60 templates. If the requirement is to process AP invoices from 45 different vendors then you will require a licence for 45 templates.

The entry level system comes with a licence for 20 templates and additional template licence packs can be added as needed.

PDFDataNet – Document Indexing Program Licence Fees

Per Seat Option: $450, €405, £350 per annum.

Concurrent Option: $900, €810, £700 per annum.

Run as Service: Requires a per seat licence plus the Preprocessor engine – see below.


PDFs can be automatically loaded from a watch folder, opened or dragged/dropped into the program.

Operator selects the relevant document template. (can be automated)

The program extracts, transforms and validates the data from within the PDF .

The program presents the extracted data for user verification.

An XML, CSV or JSON file is created containing the extracted data.

Exceptions and errors are moved into a folder for manual inspection.

Additional Licence Packs

10 document template pack – $100, €95, £75 p.a.
20 document template pack – $190, €170, £135 p.a.
50 document template pack – $420, €380, £330 p.a.
100 document template pack – $800, €730, £625 p.a

Configuration, Installation, Training

Creation and testing of templates $16, €15, £12 per template.

Installation, training and project management services are supplied on a daily rate of $1,250, €1,130, £895 per day. Allow 4 – 5 days

Discovery Project.

The preparation of a demonstration system based on your own documents is free of charge.

We can then offer a proof of concept, discovery project using 5 of your text based PDFs and creating an output XML file to your specification for a flat fee of $1,400, €1,270, £1,000. This payment will be refundable from total project cost should you proceed with implementation of the full system.

Preprocessor Engine. - $875, €787, £683 per annum

The Preprocessor Engine can be added to provide the additional functionality:-

ability to run PDFDataNet as an unnatended windows service.

pole multiple folder locations.

split multiple documents that are consolidated in one PDF into single documents.

automate the assigning of the required template.

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