PDFDataNet APIs & Integration Options

Creating A New Transaction From The Parsed Data

Parsing PDF files and integrating with accounts and ERP system

Intelligent Middleware

PDFDataNet can help developers, architects, IT, and business leaders automate manual processes and decisions. PDFDataNet can improve resource management and overall efficiency.

Application Integration

There are three main options to consider: importing the data, using an API or connector tool and using an existing EDI interface. See below to determine which best suits your requirements.

Importing The Data

If the target application can import data files then PDFDataNet can be configured to create an XML, CSV, XLSX or JSON file in the required format. The benefit of this option is that it offers a proven and very fast method of deployment. The downside of this option is that it may require a manual action to run the import.

Using An API Or Connector Tool

A number of APIs exist that will take the data file and create transactions within standard accounting, ERP, CRM, SOP systems.

If you are prohibited from using third party applications then we can work with your in-house IT department or your application partner to agree the specification of the data file and they can develop/provide the integration layer.

Solutions, such as Codeless Platforms BPA, allow you to create tasks to process the data file and create transactions in most accounting and ERP system. Please note that the licences for the Codeless Platforms interface products will need to be purchased.

Using An Existing EDI Interface

If your business process already includes the processing of ‘EDI messages’ then we can configure the data file output to mirror an EDI file – EDIFACT, ODETTE, X12, BASDA, etc.

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Uploading PDFs Into Sales Order Systems

The video below shows one option of how your PDF sales orders and supplier invoices can be uploaded into (SAP, SAGE, Oracle, Dynamics and Unit4). Other options include PDFDataNet running as a Windows service and monitoring a watch folder or simply opening the PDF from with the PDFDataNet program.

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