Configuring Adept Documentation

This page will guide you through the configuration process of the Adept Sage Connector Tool with our PDFDataNet solution.

Adept Instructions

1. Install/Set-up Adept
  • We will provide you with an Adept download link (run the install file and follow the on-screen instructions) and your license details for this configuration process.
  • Place the excel lookup files, that we have provided you, to this folder (please don’t rename/change the file names): C:\PDFDataNet to Sage 50\Excel Files From Sage
2. Create Adept Shortcut
  • Go to: C:\Program Files (x86) and find a folder that starts with Line50. Right-click the file Line50io.exe , for example, and select Create shortcut to put this onto your Desktop.
3. Run Adept In Automatic Mode
  • On your desktop, right-click the Line50io.exe – Shortcut and select Properties. In the Target field add ” -A” to the end of what is already there – this will run it in automatic mode by default. Once added click Apply and OK.

  • Then right-click and rename Line50io.exe – Shortcut to “Upload to Sage 50“.
  • Now double-click to run the shortcut file, accept the terms and conditions, then click Continue. On the last page press the Exit button.
4. Activate Adept License
  • Open the Shortcut on your desktop and click on the Menu button. Here you can click on Help to input the license details.
  • We would have provided you with your license details, if you do not have these on-hand – please request them via our support portal.
  • Copy the Licensed To, Serial Number and License Key into the Adept program. Once complete click OK.
5. Configure Adept Options
  • Now go to Menu > Options. Make sure your settings replicate what is in the screenshot below.

  • Under Program Option tick Ignore Over Field Size Error (Truncate to fit), If Manual Import OK move CSV to Archive Folder and Use the Sage default if a field is blank options.
  • Under Import Loop tick Enable Import Loop and Stop on Error. Change the Check from field to 8 to 23 hrs and the Check for new CSV Files every 10 seconds.
  • In the CSV Import Folders section paste the following file paths:
    • Import – Change to C:\PDFDataNet to Sage 50\CSV Import Files
    • Faulty – Change to C:\PDFDataNet to Sage 50\CSV Import Files\Faulty
    • Archive – Change to C:\PDFDataNet to Sage 50\CSV Import Files\Archive
  • Once you have added the file paths above, make sure you press the three Test buttons (next to each option).
  • Then click OK to save the options.
6. Create An "Adept" Sage User
  • You will need to create a new Sage user with the usernameAdept” and the password that we have provided you via our support portal.
  • If you don’t know how to do this, please watch this tutorial:
7. Add A Sage User
  • Before proceeding with this step, you will need to make sure that you have followed the instructions in step 6.
  • Then in the Adept program go to Menu > User Name.
  • Then click OK to close this window.
8. Upgrading An Adept License
  • Open the Adept program and change it to Manual mode. Then click on Menu > License.
  • Add the details we provide to you (via email/the portal) to the dialogue box and press Ok.
  • If you get stuck, please see this video tutorial on how to do this:
9. Changing The Sage Data Path
  • Double click on the Sage icon on your Desktop.
  • Then at the bottom-right of the screen click on the arrow and click on the A icon. When the new window is open, click on the Manual button.

  • Then click on the Menu button and select Sage Path option.

  • This will open another window, in this you can then change this to point to your correct/new Sage Path – then click OK to save.
  • To note if you don’t see the corect Company listed here you can select the Browse button.

  • Now click on the Auto button (to put it back into Auto mode).

Need support?

Visit the portal.

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