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Making Money Together

We want you to make money by selling PDFDataNet products and services to your clients. When you make money we make money so we will do everything we can to assist you and support you as a reseller.

You will be working with a product that has over 35,000 users and a company with over 18 years of experience, supplying document management solution. This means you can be confident that you are selling a proven product from a proven company.

Are There Any Costs Involved?

Does it cost anything to be a reseller? No it’s free to be a reseller of our solutions. We would also provide you with a not-for-sale demonstration system for you to use.

Credit Accounts

Our repeat resellers and integrators are offered credit accounts, which means they can pay on account and settle using a Bank Transfer. This is only available at our discretion.

What To Do Next

Want to know more? For more information about our reseller program please take a look at the Reseller Program document. Here you will find more details regarding solutions we offer, discounts/prices, support and more.

Our Resellers

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Reseller Name: BCC IT
Reseller Since: July 2022
Country:  United Kingdom
Integrates With: Sage 50

Background: They are a company specialise in IT support in the realms of computers, storage, networking and other physical devices, infrastructure and processes to create, process, store, secure and exchange all forms of electronic data.

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Clear Thinking Software
Reseller Name: Clear Thinking Software
Reseller Since: September 2020
Country:  United Kingdom
Integrates With: Glass Office

Background: They are a company specialising in the supply of solutions for manufacturers of DGU/IGU. They required a soltion to convert complicated and technical sales orders into a csv data file that could then be imported to create new sales and works orders.

Testimonial: "We are an IT company working in manufacture of glass - most of our customers receive orders by email as PDF which they would then print and key them onto our order processing software, and then have someone else check that the specifications were correct transposed. Integrating PDFDataNet with our software has saved our clients significant sums as well as speeding up the whole order process." - Malcolm Searle

frontline it consultancy
First Base Solutions
Reseller Name: First Base Solutions
Reseller Since: April 2023
Country:  United Kingdom
Integrates With: Sage 50

Background: They provide IT Solutions, Support, and Services to a wide range of businesses.

frontline it consultancy
Frontline IT Consultancy
Reseller Name: Frontline IT Consultancy
Reseller Since: June 2020
Country:  United Kingdom
Integrates With: Frontline SAP B1 Connector

Background: They have developed an automated PDF Sales Order import program for SAP B1.

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Reseller Name: Hidbrain
Reseller Since: November 2020
Country:  United Kingdom
Integrates With: Sage X3

Background: They are a UK based company that supports business partners, companies and professionals by their various IT services.

pdf to sage client
Leatherberry Associates
Reseller Name: Leatherberry Associates
Reseller Since: November 2021
Country:  United States
Integrates With: QuickBooks

Background: They help companies manage their business processes more efficiently through CRM, Workflow Automation, Business Intelligence reporting, and Marketing Automation.

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Reseller Name: Logon
Reseller Since: April 2023
Country:  Italy
Integrates With:

Background: They are an IT and software company based in Italy.

UniFirst First Aid + Safety
Traut Office
Reseller Name: Traut Office
Reseller Since: December 2022
Country:  Germany
Integrates With:

Background: They provide IT solutions to a range of clients.

UniFirst First Aid + Safety
UniFirst First Aid + Safety
Reseller Name: UniFirst First Aid + Safety
Reseller Since: February 2022
Country:  United States
Integrates With: Sage 100

Background: They provide a wide range of products and services to help companies fulfil employee safety and regulatory compliance needs.

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