Making Money Together
We want you to make money by selling PDFDataNet products and services to your clients. When you make money we make money so we will do everything we can to assist you and support you as a reseller. You will be working with a product that has over 35,000 users and a company that has over 18 years experience of supplying document management solutions so you can be confident that you are selling a proven product from a proven company.

Does it cost anything to be a reseller?
No it’s free and we will provide you with a not for sale demonstration system.

Credit Accounts
Our repeat resellers and integrators are offered credit accounts, which means they can pay on account and settle using Bank Transfer. This is only available at our discretion.

What to do next.
To apply to become a reseller please register your interest by clicking here or read more details in our Key facts document

As a reseller we will give you a unique coupon code . When you use this code, either on-line or quoted in a purchase order, to buy any ScanToPDF product you will receive a reseller discount from your order.

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