PDF To SharePoint – auto indexed and uploaded

Creating new documents from data extracted from PDF files.

Parsing PDF files and integrating with accounts and ERP system

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SharePoint Integration Benefits

New documents can be automtaically uploaded and indexed into SharePoint using data extracted from the PDF. New groups and folders can also be dynamically created using the extracted data.

The key benefits of PDF to SharePoint is that it will significantly reduce the cost related to processing a document, it will minimise the possibility of data entry errors and significantly increase the speed at which orders and invoices can be processed.

If your current method of processing PDF documents is to manually upload them and index them in your SharePoint system then well done for finding this page! 

Already using an existing EDI interface?

If your business process already includes the processing of ‘EDI messages’ then we can configure the data file output to mirror an EDI file –  (EDIFACT, ODETTE, X12, BASDA, etc.)

Uploading PDFs Into Sales Order Systems

The video below shows one option of how your PDF sales orders and supplier invoices can be uploaded into (SAP, SAGE, Oracle, Dynamics and Unit4). Other options include PDFDataNet running as a Windows service and monitoring a watch folder or simply opening the PDF from with the PDFDataNet program.

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