Happypünt Case Study

Founded in 2000, Happypünt is specialized in the design and production management of fashion collections.

One of the Europe’s leading suppliers in fast fashion, providing integrated design to production services for the world leading garment retailers. Happypünt strengths are:

  • Leading edge design
  • Restlessness & constant search for innovation
  • High quality manufacturing & competitive price
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Commitment to sustainability
  • Turnkey service

“The orders we receive from our fashion industry clients are unlike normal sales orders. Order quantities are in the 10s of thousands and each order will specify various sizes, different colours with packing and shipping instructions to destinations throughout the world. Entry and verification of these orders required a lot of time and we wanted to free up our customer services resources by finding an automated method to enter the order details into our NAV ERP system.”

Santi Galan
IT & Process Manager, Happy Punt

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Sales Order Automation Project Remit

  • \To extract and validate the data within each PDF order.
  • \To reformat the extracted data into a structured XML file for uploading into Navision using XMLports.
  • \To create error and exception handling routines.
  • \The solution to run as an unattended service monitoring a folder for any new orders to process.

Project Implementation

Due to the complexity of the PDF formats an initial proof of concept system was implemented to confirm the proposed solution would deliver the required solution and to identify any areas of ‘scope creep’ or any necessary workflow or program changes.

Following a process of mapping the various customer sales order PDF fields to the XML fields to the NAV order fields the process was proven and implemented into a production system. A few additional modifications were made when order variations triggered the exception handling processes.

PDFBot stop start program

“The customer service team were spending a significant amount of their time on data entry and we identified that sales order automation could replace a lot of manual work. We wanted to streamline the order entry process in NAV ERP and to reduce the number of manual processes required. Using PDFDataNet as part of the automation process has allowed our customer services team to focus on the most important part of our business – our customers.”

Santi Galan
IT & Process Manager, Happy Punt

Project Success

The fact that what used to take a member of staff 35 minutes is now achieved in under 15 seconds by a PDF robotic process automation is a fantastic measure of the project’s sucess.

How to measure and put a value on a reduction in the stress levels within a department is difficult to quantify but freeing up colleagues to work closer with our customers and suppliers has certainly made a noticable change.

PDFBot stop start program

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